Inspiring archive for 2016-11-02

Vibrant Overhead Portraits of Vietnamese Street Vendors by Photographer Loes Heerink

(4 years ago)
A beautiful series of photographs featuring the street vendors of Hanoi by photographer Loes Heerink. In order to get the desired shots (all captured from above) Heerink got up at 4am and positioned herself atop various bridges throughout the city, … Continue reading →

Booooooom Reader Submissions: November

(4 years ago)
For those of you who are new around here, this is the way to submit your work to be considered for a post on Booooooom. Thank you to everyone for up-voting work and leaving positive comments on these posts! It really does pump people … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: James Nizam

(4 years ago)
A selection of images from Vancouver-based photographer James Nizam’s latest exhibition. In “Ascensions of Time” Nizam continues to explore the passage of time through long exposures. Light sources are redirected and manipulated into precise shapes, made visible through the photographic process. Click … Continue reading →

Powerful Portraits of Ex-Gang Members With Their Tattoos Digitally Removed

(4 years ago)
In “Skin Deep” photographer Steven Burton digitally removes the tattoos of ex-gang members, creating dramatic before-and-after style portraits that offer many subjects a glimpse of themselves they haven’t seen for decades. Not only do the images elicit strong emotional responses … Continue reading →