Inspiring archive for 2016-11-25

Artist Spotlight: Sam Octigan

(4 years ago)
Melbourne-based artist Sam Octigan explores the historical resonance of different cultural myths in his latest solo exhibition. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “MYTHOS” below or on display at The Stockroom until November 27th.

Artist Spotlight: Jim Gaylord

(4 years ago)
A selection of work made from cutout paper by Brooklyn-based artist Jim Gaylord (click here for previous post). More images below.

Sneak Peek: The Second Issue of HOLO Magazine

(4 years ago)
Charting the intersections of art, science and technology, HOLO Magazine takes you inside the studios of leading artists and designers. The biannual publication also offers analysis of current trends through a mix of long-form journalism and photography. The latest issue contains 23 … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Denis Cherim

(4 years ago)
Photographer Denis Cherim continues his “Coincidence Project”, which began when he first moved to London in November 2015 (click here for previous post). See more meticulously framed photos below!

10 Sec Reading: Don’t Forget The Evil Men

(4 years ago)
The following prayer was found amongst the personal belongings of a Jew who died in a concentration camp:   Lord, when you come in Your glory, do not remember only the men of good, but remember too the men of evil.   And on the Day of Judgement, do not remember only the acts of […]