Inspiring archive for 2016-12-20

Artist Spotlight: Carmelo Blandino

(4 years ago)
Recent paintings by artist Carmelo Blandino (previously posted here). More images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Sander Meisner

(4 years ago)
A series of architectural landscapes by self-taught photographer Sander Meisner. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “Spatial Arrangements” below!

Elaborate Faux Tile Floor Installations by Artist Javier De Riba

(4 years ago)
Spanish artist Javier De Riba spray paints floors of abandoned buildings and segments of pavement to look like traditional Catalan tiling. De Riba also happens to be a member of Reskate, the Barcelona-based art collective responsible for the series of … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Cook

(4 years ago)
A recent series by artist Benjamin Cook (click here for previous post). More paintings from “Image Construction” below!

Book excerpt: The Spy

(4 years ago)
Dear Mr. Clunet, I do not know what will happen at the end of this week. I have always been an optimistic woman, but time has left me bitter, alone, and sad. the-spy-paulo-coelho-cover-244.jpg Knopf If things turn out as I hope, you will never receive this letter. I’ll have been pardoned. After all, I spent […]