Inspiring archive for 2016-12-30

Artist Spotlight: Ben Smith

(3 years ago)
New paintings by Sydney, Australia-based artist Ben Smith (click here for previous post). More images below.

“The Man Who Made the Kurobe Dam” by Artist Hiroyuki Izutsu

(3 years ago)
Another fantastic series by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Izutsu. Click here for our previous post of Izutsu’s series “Don’t Give Up Japan”). More images from “The Man Who Made the Kurobe Dam” below.

Artist Spotlight: Suzanne Laura Kammin

(3 years ago)
A selection of recent work by artist Suzanne Laura Kammin, currently based in Newark, New Jersey. Click here for previous post. See more images below.

The truly rich person

(3 years ago)
Success comes to those who do not waste time comparing what they are doing with what others are doing; it enters the house of the person who says every day: ‘I will do my best.’ People who seek only success rarely find it, because success is not an end in itself, but a consequence. Obsession […]