Inspiring archive for 2017-01-06

Artist Spotlight: Tapio Mömmö

(3 years ago)
A selection of oil paintings by Finnish artist Tapio Mömmö. Click here to check out our previous post of his digital work if you haven’t already! More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Apolo Cacho

(3 years ago)
Densely detailed drawings and paintings by Mexico-City-based artist Apolo Cacho. Click here for previous posts. See more images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Anthony Gerace

(3 years ago)
New series by London-based photographer Anthony Gerace. Based on his travels through Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, check out more images from “America 2” below!

Artist Spotlight: Evie Cahir

(3 years ago)
A selection of recent work by Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Evie Cahir. Click here for previous posts. See more images below!

Photographer Spotlight: Christophe Negrel

(3 years ago)
Self-taught photographer Christophe Negrel captures the intensity of a small boxing gym in the heart of La Savine, a neighbourhood north of Marseille. Check out Negrel’s other series “Prison” if you haven’t already! More images from “Boxe Au Coeur Du Quartier” below.

Another wrong step

(3 years ago)
As if nothing had changed overnight, the warrior takes another wrong step and dives once again into the abyss. Ghosts provoke, loneliness torments him. Now that he is more aware of his acts, he did not think this would happen. But it did. Shrouded by darkness, he talks to his master. “Master, I fell again […]