Inspiring archive for 2017-02-03

The dark side

(3 years ago)
by Anna Krith’s Lifestyle You may see someone who smiles all the time and does silly things but you have no idea what he is going through or what burden he carries within. People are so judgmental and you have to deal with them every single day; you must pretend that everything is fine, otherwise […]

Artist Spotlight: Evelyn Bracklow

(3 years ago)
Vintage porcelain, hand-painted with ants by Dortmund, Germany-based artist Evelyn Bracklow (aka LA PHILIE). More images from “Chitins Gloss” below.

Photographer Spotlight: Momomi

(3 years ago)
Lovely photos by photographer Momomi from Seoul, South Korea-based. Click here for previous post. See more images below.

Proud of my wife!

(3 years ago)
2017-01-26 Christina Oiticica Quatro Elementos exhibition – Brasilea Foundation, Basel/Switzerland from Christina Oiticica on Vimeo.

Illustrator Spotlight: Jack Taylor

(3 years ago)
A fun array of work from illustrator Jack Taylor, currently based in London and Berlin. See more images below.

Artist Spotlight: Eli Gabriel Halpern

(3 years ago)
Paintings by artist Eli Gabriel Halpern (click here for previous post). More images below.