Inspiring archive for 2017-02-10

Letting Go of Distractions

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Today I deleted several apps from my phone: Twitter, Reddit, Feedly, Snapchat, the N.Y. Times app, and more. I’m letting go of distractions, or at least learning to. In fact, I made a list of things I’m letting go of: Twitter (except to post my latest articles) Reddit Favorite blogs & websites […]

“Blue Series” by Artist Jules Julien

(3 years ago)
A new series by Amsterdam-based artist and illustrator Jules Julien (previously featured here). See more work below or on display at this year’s Première Vision fashion event in Barcelona as well as Espaï Tactel in València this June.

Artist Spotlight: Allan Balisi

(3 years ago)
Paintings by artist Allan Balisi from the Philippines. See more images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Lindsay D’Addato

(3 years ago)
Recent work by photographer Lindsay D’Addato (previously featured here). See more images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Maggie Chiang

(3 years ago)
New work by Los Angeles-based illustrator Maggie Chiang (previously featured here). See more images below or on display at Giant Robot’s “Formation” show until February 22nd.