Inspiring archive for 2017-02-11

Artist Spotlight: Jenny Brown

(3 years ago)
A combination of collage, ink, and pen drawings by artist Jenny Brown from Providence, Rhode Island. Click here for previous post. More images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Pat O’Rourke

(3 years ago)
Photos by Toronto-based photographer Pat O’Rourke from a week-long trip to LA filming for Blue Tile Lounge Skateshop’s upcoming video. Do yourself a favour and follow Pat’s Instagram @chilligansisland and peep his skate videos here. More images below.

Animation: Penguin on a Trampoline

(3 years ago)
It’s a penguin on a trampoline what more do you want! I’m trying to figure out what I find so satisfying about this silly animation by Bashir Sultani. I think it’s the ending, or maybe it’s just my undying love for Pingu. You can … Continue reading →