Inspiring archive for 2017-02-20

“Home/Home” by Photographer Wouter Van de Voorde

(3 years ago)
Beautiful photos by photographer Wouter Van de Voorde (click here for previous posts). In this ongoing series, Wouter juxtaposes his grandparents home in his native Belgium with the mountain ranges of Canberra, Australia where he currently lives. See more images from “Home/Home” below.

“Shroud” by Artist Douglas Goldberg

(3 years ago)
Alarm Clock   Love this series! New York-based artist Douglas Goldberg covers everyday objects beneath drape-like coverings sculpted from stone. Each of the concealed items, ranging from night lights to a pill bottle, symbolize one of Goldberg’s personal fears. See more … Continue reading →

Kickstarter of the Day: The Little Robot Drawing Arm

(3 years ago)
Line-us is an adorably compact robotic arm that draws what you draw! Outfitted with a usb connection and wifi capabilities, simply place the machine on a piece of paper and the little guy will replicate anything you draw on screen. … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Lili Scratchy

(3 years ago)
A selection of recent work by French artist Frédérique Bellier-Reboul aka Lili Scratchy. Click here for previous posts. More images below.

Between faith and prayer

(3 years ago)
By Paulo Coelho ‘Is there anything more important than prayer?’ a disciple asked his teacher. The teacher told the disciple to go to a nearby tree and cut off a branch. The disciple obeyed. ‘Is the tree still alive?’ asked the teacher. ‘As alive as it was before.’ ‘Then go over there and slice through […]