Inspiring archive for 2017-03-08

“Immersed Birds” by Designer Moisés Hernández

(3 years ago)
Designer Moisés Hernández strikes a fine balance between man and machine with this series of perfectly shaped, machine-milled objects hand-painted or, rather, hand-dipped in coloured water to create layering that resembles the plumage of birds. Check out more “Immersed Birds” below. … Continue reading →

“New Kid” by Artist Cobi Moules

(3 years ago)
Artist Cobi Moules re-creates NKOTB posters and trading cards, inserting himself into the group. As a transgender man, the project is both a nostalgic reclamation of Moules’ childhood obsession and a playful meditation on the desires of his youth. See more … Continue reading →

Photographer Spotlight: Alexander Rotondo

(3 years ago)
A selection of photos by New York City-based photographer Alexander Rotondo. See more images from “In Between Days” below.

3 MIN LEITURA: O processo criativo

(3 years ago)
Todo processo criativo, seja ele na literatura, na engenharia, na informática – e até mesmo no amor – respeita sempre um mesmo padrão: o ciclo da natureza. A seguir, listo as etapas deste processo: a] aragem do campo: no momento em que o solo é revirado, o oxigênio penetra onde antes não conseguia. O campo […]

Artist Spotlight: Alex Kuno

(3 years ago)
A selection of fantastic work by artist Alex Kuno, using ink, watercolour, graphite and chalk. More images below.