Inspiring archive for 2017-03-17

4 Step Guide to Letting Go of the Past

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta We’re constantly struggling with the past, in so many ways: Mistakes we’ve made that we regret or that make us feel bad about ourselves Anger about something someone did to us Frustration about how things have progressed up until now A wish that things turned out differently Stories about what happened that […]

Photographer Spotlight: Chelsee Ivan

(3 years ago)
Photos by Chelsee Ivan, a Toronto-based photographer originally from Alberta. More images below.

“Considered Accidents” by Artist Daniel Eatock

(3 years ago)
London-based artist Daniel Eatock has been photographing damaged Fiat cars since April of 2000. Designed by Pininfarina with a purposeful slash above the wheel arch, Eatock’s ongoing archive focuses on vehicles that have complementary (although far less intentional) markings to … Continue reading →