Inspiring archive for 2017-03-27

Illustrator Spotlight: Nicolas Dehghani

(3 years ago)
Personal work by Paris-based illustrator Nicolas Dehghani, director at CRCR. Click here for previous post. See more images below.

The Main Reason Changing Your Life is Tough

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Many of us have things we’d like to change: our exercise and diet habits, procrastination and productivity habits, patience and mindfulness habits, quitting bad habits, decluttering and finances, reading and learning and doing all the things we want to do in life. But very often we fall short of our hopes. What’s […]

Artist Spotlight: Akira Beard

(3 years ago)
A selection of work by artist Akira Beard (previously featured here). More images below.

Illustrator Spotlight: Ricardo Leite

(3 years ago)
A selection of recent work by Amsterdam-based illustrator Ricardo Leite (previously featured here). More images below.

Artist Spotlight: Scott Everingham

(3 years ago)
Recent paintings by Toronto-based artist Scott Everingham. Click here for previous posts. More images below.

Lawrence LeShan and Meditation : Perception of Reality

(3 years ago)
Is this new perception really important? LeShan agrees that the problem is truly complex. On the one hand, we can “operate” very efficiently in this world such as we know it. On the other, we know that a considerable number of people worthy of our trust, such as Gandhi, Teresa D’Avila, or Buddha, sought to […]