Inspiring archive for 2017-04-06

Artist Spotlight: Kei Imazu

(3 years ago)
Recent work by Tokyo-based artist Kei Imazu (previously featured here). See more images below.

Photographer Spotlight: Jonny Abraham

(3 years ago)
Photos by Brooklyn-based photographer Jonny Abraham. See more images from his series “Irene” below.

Reader Submission: Eric Lefaure aka Ort

(3 years ago)
A selection of animated gifs by artist Eric Lefaure aka Ort. Discovered via our monthly Reader Submissions (click here to participate). See more below.

How one of the most important books in the world came to be written

(3 years ago)
In the twenty-third year of the reign of Zhao, Lao Tzu realized that the war would ultimately destroy the place where he lived. Since he had spent years meditating on the essence of life, he knew that there are times when one has to be practical. He made the simplest possible decision: to move. He […]