Inspiring archive for 2017-04-18

Reader Submission: Ana Langeheldt

(3 years ago)
A random selection of work by illustrator Ana Langeheldt, found via our April Reader Submissions. More images below.

A Guide to Fear Mastery

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta We normally think of fear as something that’s holding us back, or something to be avoided … but what if we could see it as a powerful tool? What if we could master that tool? We’d become masters at life, able to push through fears of rejection, failure, ridicule, and more. Fear […]

“Butterfly Scales” by Artist Linden Gledhill

(3 years ago)
Macro photographs of moth and butterfly wings that look like fish scales by artist Linden Gledhill. More images below.

Tiny Metal Sculptures of Strangers by Artist Zadok Ben-David

(3 years ago)
London-based artist Zadok Ben-David’s latest iteration of his installation “People I Saw But Never Met” brings together over 3,000 miniature metal figures, each based on anonymous people captured in photos he took while travelling the world. See more images below … Continue reading →

Illustrator Spotlight: Daylen Seu

(3 years ago)
A selection of work by Los Angeles-based illustrator and animator Daylen Seu. More images below.