Inspiring archive for 2017-05-08

New Mural by Artist Andrew Schoultz

(3 years ago)
Andrew Schoultz’s new mural outside Fabien Castanier Gallery in Culver City coincides with the opening of the exhibition, “LA Intersections,” which Schoultz curated and runs until July 31st. See more photos, taken by Brent Broza, below!

Mindfulness Meditation

(3 years ago)
(by Curejoy) We often hear people complaining about their unsuccessful attempts at meditation. That’s most often because there is a misconception that meditation involves thoughtlessness; they are trying to quell the thoughts while meditating. Mindfulness is not thinking, interpreting or evaluating. It is mind’s nonjudgmental way of observing the things that happen around it. Here’s […]

Optical Illusion Paintings by Artist Robert Gonsalves

(3 years ago)
Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves creates paintings that seamlessly combine two separate realities. Despite sticking to the same formula for each image, a style heavily inspired by artists like Escher, Dali, and Magritte, they’re all immensely satisfying. I might not put these on … Continue reading →

Dreamy Reflected Landscapes by Photographer Murray Fredericks

(3 years ago)
Australian photographer Murray Fredericks uses mirrors to further reflect the landscape and help focus our attention away from ourselves. See more images from “Vanity” below or on display at Hamiltons Gallery in London until June 14.

Photographer Spotlight: Vishal Marapon

(3 years ago)
A selection of recent work by our friend, Vancouver-based photographer Vishal Marapon. Click here for previous posts. Check out more images below!