Inspiring archive for 2017-05-12

Artist Spotlight: Raymond Bonilla

(3 years ago)
Paintings by artist and illustrator Raymond Bonilla from Buffalo, New York. See more images below.

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Photographer Nicholas Pollack

(3 years ago)
Brooklyn-based photographer Nicholas Pollack explores the fleetingness of youth in a series of photos taken at Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey. See more images from “Nothing Gold Can Stay” below or check out the photobook, available here.

“Under Heavy Manners” by Artist Louie Cordero

(3 years ago)
A new series of paintings by Filipino artist Louie Cordero, currently based in Malabon. See more images from “Under Heavy Manners” below or on display at Jonathan LeVine Projects in Jersey City May 13 – June 10.

Street Artist Escif Offers Free Painting to Shops in Panjim

(3 years ago)
In an effort to connect with the Panjim community in Goa and help combat the negative stigma of street art, Spanish muralist Escif decided to get a job there, offering to work for free and paint “whatever you want.” Check out more … Continue reading →