Inspiring archive for 2017-05-16

Artist Spotlight: Anne Vieux

(3 years ago)
Paintings by artist Anne Vieux, who was born in Michigan and is currently based in New York. More images below.

“Magnetic Radiation” by Photographer Seb Janiak

(3 years ago)
Photographer Seb Janiak captures illuminated magnetic fields generated by activating ferrofluid with powerful magnets. No special effects or retouching! See more images from “Magnetic Radiation” below.

Artist Spotlight: WanJin GIM

(3 years ago)
A selection of work by artist WanJin GIM (aka Willeys) from South Korea. More images below.

Invisible Illness: A Documentary About Cancer & Survival

(3 years ago)
  My friend Christa is the toughest person I know. In 2015 she battled breast cancer and after 12 weeks there were no signs of it in her body. She shared a Google Doc called A Cancer Plan of Attack … Continue reading →