Inspiring archive for 2017-06-22

Artist Spotlight: Hongmin Lee

(3 years ago)
Some killer work from South Korean artist Hongmin Lee, a member of the art collective Goo For Brothers. See more paintings below.

Prophet Mohammed, 7th century

(3 years ago)
Based on my message earlier this week – about the different languages of God – I would like to share with you this week some of the prayers that point in the same direction: “Oh Allah! I come to you because you know all, even what is hidden. If what I am doing is good […]

How to Love Your Dark Side

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta We all have a side of ourselves (or multiple sides) that we don’t want others to see. You might think of this as your “dark side,” or the Gollum in you (as my friend Adam calls it). It might be that you procrastinate, waste inordinate amounts of time on a certain site […]