Inspiring archive for 2017-07-04

Illustrator Spotlight: Bárbara Malagoli

(3 years ago)
A selection of work by Brazilian illustrator and artist Bárbara Malagoli. See more images from “Flutuantes” below.

Kickstarter of the Day: Save Pepe

(3 years ago)
Pepe the Frog started out innocently enough as a character in the comic book BOY’S CLUB by California-based artist Matt Furie. However, after going viral and being appropriated by the alt-right, his image became an unwitting hate symbol. Horrified by Pepe’s … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Jung Lee

(3 years ago)
Recent work by artist Jung Lee from Seoul, South Korea. Known for her photographs of text-based light installations, click here for previous post. See more images below.

Artist Spotlight: Sanam Khatibi

(3 years ago)
Unsettling paintings by Iranian-born, Belgium-based artist Sanam Khatibi. See more of her work below.

“Musea” by Photographer Caspar Claasen

(3 years ago)
Amsterdam-based photographer Caspar Claasen captures the various ways people look at art (or don’t). Click here to see previous posts of Claasen’s work. More images from “Musea” below!