Inspiring archive for 2017-09-07

“TL;DR” New Paintings by Artist Morgan Blair

(2 years ago)
Artist Morgan Blair’s debut solo show is one of two exhibitions opening tonight at The Hole in New York. “TL;DR” features seven new works composed of airbrush and sand. See more below!

“RomCom” New Paintings by Artist Alex Gardner

(2 years ago)
Alex Gardner’s first solo show in New York opens tonight at The Hole. “RomCom” features 14 new acrylic on linen paintings by the Long Beach-based artist. See more images below.

“100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Poster” by Pop Chart Lab

(2 years ago)
Brilliant poster design by Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab! The “100 Essential Films Scratch-Off Poster” helps you keep track of the best movies you’ve seen (and the ones you still have yet to) in the most satisfying way ever. Featuring a … Continue reading →

Reader Submission: Melissa Arendt

(2 years ago)
“Nugget Series” drawings by Melissa Arendt, found via our September Reader Submissions. See more below.

“Train of Thought” by Photographer Damien Rayuela

(2 years ago)
“Train of Thought” is a photo series by photographer Damien Rayuela, shot on the longest railway line in the world, the Trans-Siberian. The legendary rail connects Europe and Asia across 9289km from Moscow to Vladivostok. The journey is not one that … Continue reading →

A poem by Tagore

(2 years ago)
  What is anxiety playmate? What is anxiety playmate? Playmate, what is agony? You all say day and night ‘love, love’- Tell me, playmate, what is love! Is it only torment? It is only shedding tears? Is that only sorrow’s breathing? Why then in what expectation of joy People hopefully embrace such sorrow? In my […]