Inspiring archive for 2017-09-11

Artist Spotlight: Robert Minervini

(11 months ago)
Recent work by California-based artist Robert Minervini (previously featured here). See more images below or check out his upcoming solo show, “Life in the Shadows,” at Edward Cella Gallery in Los Angeles September 9 – October 28.

“Uusimaa” by Photographer Janne Savon

(11 months ago)
A beautiful ongoing series by Janne Savon from Helsinki, Finland. Named after the province in which the images are taken, “Uusimaa” is a personal search for place as much as it is a documentation of an area the photographer himself lives and … Continue reading →

I can’t wait for the day when life finally makes sense

(11 months ago)
by Rania Naim  I can’t wait for the day when life finally makes sense, when we find the silver lining in every tragedy, when we learn the lesson from each mistake and when we understand why our hearts needed to get broken a few times to let love in. I can’t wait for the day that […]

“Underwater ballet” by Artist Anne ten Donkelaar

(11 months ago)
An ethereal new series involving photos of flowers that have been arranged and submerged in water work by Dutch artist Anne ten Donkelaar (previously featured here). See more images from “Underwater ballet” below.

Illustrator Spotlight: DOOOM

(11 months ago)
Roth Printing   A selection of simple tattoo-inspired graphics for bands and brands by the mysterious UK-based illustrator known only as DOOOM. See more below.

“Cave Paintings” by Artist Rebecca Chaperon

(11 months ago)
New work by Vancouver-based artist Rebecca Chaperon. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “Cave Paintings” below or on display at Seymour Gallery in North Vancouver until October 14.