Inspiring archive for 2017-09-18

Artist Spotlight: Defer

(2 years ago)
Our talented friend Alex Kizu aka Defer is showing some mind-melting new paintings as part of a killer group show with artists Aaron De La Cruz and Mark Dean Veca. “Mark Making” is currently up at Fabien Castanier Gallery. Have a look at more of Defer’s work below.  

A story by Kahlil Gibran

(2 years ago)
I was strolling in the gardens of an insane asylum when I met a young man who was reading a philosophy book. His behavior and his evident good health made him stand out from the other inmates. I sat down beside him and asked: ‘What are you doing here?’ He looked at me, surprised. But […]

“Silent Mode” by Photographer Adam Wilkoszarski

(2 years ago)
Latest project from photographer Adam Wilkoszarski from Poznań, Poland (previously featured here). See more images from “Silent Mode” below.  

“Rise and Shine” by Artist Luke O’Sullivan

(2 years ago)
New sculptures and silkscreen prints by Boston-born, Philadelphia-based artist Luke O’Sullivan (previously featured here). Drawing inspiration from video games and movie set design, the two- and three-dimensional works depict cities and scenes that exploration the relationship between the surface world and that which lies beneath. See more images from “Rise and Shine” below or on … Continued