Inspiring archive for 2017-09-29

Editor Pick: Joshua Zucker-Pluda

(2 years ago)
Classic American landscapes are made hauntingly alien in this gorgeous series by cinematographer Joshua Zucker-Pluda, currently based in Los Angeles and New York City. Discovered via our new Reader Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick, see more other-worldly images from “Land of an Unknown Order” below.  

People Discover Their Doppelgängers Are Actually Works of Art!

(2 years ago)
If you liked that post of People Dressed Exactly The Same as Random Things (I’m obsessed), here’s a funny collection of photos taken of people who went to museums to look at art only to find uncanny versions of themselves staring back. Is there a hashtag for this? #artdoppelgängers? Now I really wanna find mine! See … Continued

Editor Pick: Amy Crehore

(2 years ago)
Paintings by American artist and illustrator Amy Crehore. Discovered via our new Reader Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. See more of Crehore’s lovely work below.