Inspiring archive for 2017-10-04

“Scopophilia” by Artist Sarah Muirhead

(3 years ago)
New work by artist Sarah Muirhead (previously featured here). “Scopophilia” offers is an exploration of the fetishization of professional extroverts — those who become the subjects/objects of our gaze. As she explains: “I want there to be a glimmer of the real person being objectified, idealised or fetishised. The representational side of the work should … Continued

Editor Pick: Sam Branton

(3 years ago)
Monochrome drawings by UK-based artist Sam Branton. Following from a previous series depicting animals after a great flood, his new collection imagines what takes place when left in the dark too long. This project was submitted by Branton and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have work you’d like to share. More images from “Luciferase” … Continued

Editor Pick: Clément Vidal

(3 years ago)
A selection of work by photographer Clément Vidal. Selected from our new Submissions section (click here to participate). See more images below.  

Editor Pick: Matthew Trygve Tung

(3 years ago)
Lovely watercolored patterns by artist Matthew Trygve Tung from San Francisco, California. Meticulous-yet-spontaneous, the mesmerizing work is the result of improvised watercoloring and elaborate geometric designs, carefully mapped out beforehand. Discovered via our new Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. You can upload your own work here. See more images below.