Inspiring archive for 2017-10-09

1 Min Reading: The Two Jewels

(2 years ago)
A deeply religious Rabbi lived happily with his family, an admirable woman and two dear sons. One time, he had to be away from home for several days due to work. When he was away, a serious car accident killed his two boys. Alone, the mother suffered in silence. But being a strong woman, backed […]

Editor Pick: RicHard MendTorr

(2 years ago)
These paintings by artist RicHard MendTorr from Tijuana, México, are kinda terrifying. Selected from our Submissions section. Click here to share your own work. More images below.  

Tree Pants by Artist Peter Coffin

(2 years ago)
New York-based artist Peter Coffin decks out trees in giant Levi’s jeans as a way of poking fun at our serious tendency to project human characteristics onto nonhuman objects and entities. While originally appearing in Wanås Konst sculpture park in Sweden, Coffin continues to outfit particularly attractive foliage from time to time. Check out some … Continued

Editor Pick: Michael Sheridan

(2 years ago)
A selection of photos by Michael Sheridan taken during his travels through China, India, Nepal and Japan. Discovered via our new Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. Check out more of Sheridan’s work below.