Inspiring archive for 2017-11-06

In Love with the Heartbreaking Beauty of the Discomfort

(3 years ago)
By Leo Babauta With my body in pain, I looked up at the sunlight and kept my heart open. And I took in the heartbreaking beauty of life. I witnessed it, and found it to be miraculous, pain and struggle and discomfort and all. It wasn’t beautiful in spite of the pain — the pain […]

“Edo—Ball” by Artist Andrew Archer

(3 years ago)
Artist Andrew Archer pays tribute to his love of basketball, Ukiyo-e art and Japanese culture with a series of hybrid works, each with their own unique story. While originally started in 2013 with 12 pieces, Archer recently completed another 10! See more images below. And click here to learn the stories behind each one.  

Editor Pick: Maximilian Virgili

(3 years ago)
Love this series by Berlin-based photographer Maximilian Virgili. Submitted and selected as an Editor Pick, “Urban Sights” features a collection of random objects and scenes, captured by Virgili without knowing how or why they occurred and similarly re-represented without context. More images below.  

“Letters and Numbers” by Artist Igor Bastidas

(3 years ago)
Brilliant work by Brooklyn-based illustrator and animator Igor Bastidas, made for 36 Days of Type. More gifs and a short video compilation below!