Inspiring archive for 2017-11-09

Artist Spotlight: Mark Powell

(10 months ago)
New work from London-based artist Mark Powell (previously featured here). Powell draws with a bic biro (medium black) pen and consistently chooses an array of vintage paper, from old maps to magazine covers, on which to display his incredibly detailed portraits. More images below.  

The Key Mental Habit of Simplicity

(10 months ago)
By Leo Babauta I’ve written a lot about simplifying your life, from the philosophy behind it to the tactical steps to getting to simplicity. But the true key isn’t in the steps, it’s in our mental habits. For example, I could get rid of my physical clutter and simplify my day so that I have […]

Editor Pick: Afshin Bagheri

(10 months ago)
A series of paintings exploring the cyclical nature of creation myths by artist Afshin Bagheri from Mashhad, Iran. This project was submitted by Bagheri and selected as an Editor Pick (you can upload your own work here!). See more images from “Sixth Season” below.  

“People Matching Artworks” by Photographer Stefan Draschan

(10 months ago)
Kinda like the natural conclusion to our previous posts about people dressed as random things and people who found their dopplegangers in historical works of art, this ongoing series by photographer Stefan Draschan’s captures candid shots of museum-goers whose outfits perfectly match the artwork they’re observing. While such a collection clearly requires a lot of patience, … Continued

Editor Pick: Julia Tatarchenko

(10 months ago)
Moscow-based photographer Julia Tatarchenko tries to capture the unique personalities of birds in this series of portraits. Discovered via our new Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here to submit work of your own. See more images below.