Inspiring archive for 2017-12-01

How to Get Fitter During the Holidays

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Because of a number of family gatherings in the past week, I'm feeling heavy. I've overeaten and my exercise has been minimal. That's just a part of the holidays sometimes — things get so busy you can't help but let your healthy habits fall off. So as of today, I'm implementing a […]

Editor Pick: Mikyung Lee

(2 years ago)
A collection of work about jazz by Mikyung Lee, an illustrator and designer based in Seoul, South Korea. Discovered via our Submissions platform. Click here if you have a project of your own you’d like to share! See more images below.  

“Catharsis” by Artist Casey Weldon

(2 years ago)
A series of cat paintings by Seattle-based artist and illustrator Casey Weldon, influenced by the rise of cat pictures on social media and their status as a subject both worshiped and laughed at. See more images from “Catharsis” below or on display at SPOKE NYC until December 22.  

“Hare Scramble” by Photographer Rebecca Soderholm

(2 years ago)
Rebecca Soderholm captures the world of off-road motorcycle and quad racing in her new series of video and still images. These loud (and muddy) tests of endurance take place in recently harvested fields alongside a tight-knit community of families who set up camp to act as support crew. As Soderholm shared with us: “In keeping … Continued

“Cross Country” by Photographer Jarod Luebbert

(2 years ago)
A new series emerging from a recent trip across the country by San Francisco-based photographer Jarod Luebbert (previously featured here). See more images below.                                                               … Continued