Inspiring archive for 2017-12-06

Editor Pick: Gregory Ferrand

(3 years ago)
Painting by artist Gregory Ferrand. Inspired by comics, Mexican muralists and 1950’s fashion, Ferrand’s work explores feelings of disconnection and alienation despite in spite or even because of the close proximity in which we live to one another. This selection was submitted to our Submissions platform and chosen as an Editor Pick. Click here to … Continued

Odessa is like that

(3 years ago)
Catherine the Great received some boxes of freshly harvested oranges in the dead cold of winter. The note that came with it said they were from a distant port. The note said, ‘See what we are capable of bringing to you? We need your help to grow even more.’ Impressed, she sent a massive amount […]

Illustrator Spotlight: Kim Hee Eun

(3 years ago)
A selection of work by Kim Hee Eun (aka Kimi and 12) from Namhae, South Korea. See more images below.  

Photographer Spotlight: Carlos Chavarría

(3 years ago)
A nice series by San Francisco-based photographer Carlos Chavarría. See more images from “In Transit” below.  

“The Sea in the Darkness Calls” by Photographer Bryan Thomas

(3 years ago)
A selection of images from Brooklyn-based photographer Bryan Thomas’ latest zine, “The Sea in the Darkness Calls”. Taken over a two year period, the series focuses on the people and places of his native Florida. See more below.