Inspiring archive for 2017-12-12

Meticulously Arranged Objects by Artist Adam Hillman

(12 months ago)
New Jersey-based artist Adam Hillman spends hours perfecting elaborate arrangements made from everyday objects like Q-tips, toothpicks and paper clips. See more of his incredible designs below.  

Editor Pick: Samuel Shumway

(12 months ago)
Delectable paper meals by NYC-based artist Samuel Shumway. Discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. See more images below.  

“Extraña Correspondencia” by Artist Rossina Bossio

(12 months ago)
Paintings from artist Rossina Bossio’s latest multidisciplinary project. In addition to the paintings, Bossio worked with a team of 30 people on a series of videos. “Extraña Correspondencia” took three years to complete and ​is currently being shown at​ a gallery​ in her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. Click here for previous posts of Bossio’s work. More … Continued

Editor Pick: Catherine Song aka CSONG

(12 months ago)
An ongoing series about the solitude that comes from living in an oversaturated world by Catherine Song aka CSONG. This project was submitted by CSONG and selected as an Editor Pick (you can upload your own work here!). See more images from “Nameless” below.  

Artist Spotlight: Gonzalo Fuenmayor

(12 months ago)
Drawings by Barranquilla, Colombia-born Miami, Florida-based artist Gonzalo Fuenmayor. See more of Fuenmayor’s work below or on display at Dot Fiftyone Gallery until January 20.  

Peace Stickers by Society6 Artists from our Community

(12 months ago)
Last month we teamed up with Society6 to put out a call for sticker designs related to the theme of Peace, open to creatives of all skill levels. Here’s a roundup of all the submissions starting with a few of our favourites! Each one has a direct link to the sticker in each artist’s store … Continued