Inspiring archive for 2017-12-14

The talking donkey

(3 years ago)
A peasant was returning home when he saw a donkey in the field. “I’m not just any donkey,” said the animal. “I saw the messiah being born. I’ve lived for two thousand years and I am alive to give this testimony.” Alarmed, the peasant ran to the church and told it to the parish priest. […]

Iridescent Lamps by Architect and Designer Taeg Nishimoto

(3 years ago)
Japanese architect and designer Taeg Nishimoto’s “Blurred” series involves a set of three-sided, sculptural lamps with a changeable layered surface. While appearing porcelain-like during the day, when the lamp is turned on iridescent light emerges from a combination of heat-responsive polyvinyl, heat-resistance polyester sheets and liquid rubber to create a parabolic surface which reacts to … Continued

Ingenious Posters by Graphic Designer Erich Brechbühl

(3 years ago)
A selection of wonderfully creative work by graphic designer Erich Brechbühl from Lucerne, Switzerland. Really appreciate the variety yet underlying continuity to all of his stuff! See more images below.  

Photographer Spotlight: Alex Prager

(3 years ago)
Known for her meticulously staged photography and film, Los Angeles-based photographer Alex Prager’s new body of work continues to play with scale and dimension, blurring the boundary between fiction and reality. See more below or on display at Lehmann Maupin in Hong Kong from January 18 – March 17, 2018. All images courtesy of Alex … Continued

University Employee Rakes Leaves Into Works Of Art

(3 years ago)
Joanna Hedrick is a counsellor at the Sacramento State University Student Service Center and a self-proclaimed “Falling Ginkgo Artist.” For the past four years Hedrick has been creating intricate patterns using the leaves from the campus’ gingko trees. While initially emerging from the simple desire to have an interesting backdrop to take photos of her … Continued