Inspiring archive for 2017-12-19

Artist Spotlight: Oda Jaune

(12 months ago)
Bodily paintings by Bulgarian artist Oda Jaune (previously featured here). More images below.  

“Christmas in America” by Photographer Jesse Rieser

(12 months ago)
Love this series by photographer Jesse Rieser. Started back in 2010, Riser has spent 7 years capturing the endearing, outrageous and sometimes awkward exploration of the season. Or, as Riser describes, “an unvarnished examination of the ways people mark the holiday’s meaning.” Discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick. Consider participating … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Cyril Galmiche

(12 months ago)
New silkscreens by French artist Cyril Galmiche. See more images from “†” off his recently redesigned project site I-I-I-I-I-I below.  

Artist Spotlight: Katrin Berge

(12 months ago)
A selection of drawings by Norwegian artist Katrin Berge. See more images below.

“Before the Rain” by Anne Pomel

(12 months ago)
Lovely work by Anne Pomel, a french illustrator currently based in Portland. See more images from her graphic novel “Before the Rain” below.