Inspiring archive for 2017-12-20

Artist Spotlight: Marco Grassi

(2 years ago)
Italian artist Marco Grassi’s portraits are both hyperrealistic and surreal. See more of his incredible paintings below.  

Instagram of the Day: @thomasintokyo Turns Sons Drawings into Amazing Illustrations

(2 years ago)
A series of drawings by Tokyo-based animator Thomas Romain and his sons. Romain documents their fun collaborations on Instagram as @thomasintokyo. For many of them it’s actually kinda hard to choose which we like more! Check out more of their artwork below.  

Editor Pick: Céline Ducrot

(2 years ago)
Love these large format airbrush paintings by Leipzig-based illustrator and graphic designer Céline Ducrot from Leipzig. Created on the subject of wellness rituals and self-care, see more images from “In Balance” below. This project was submitted and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here to participate!  

100 Giant Skulls by Artist Ron Mueck

(2 years ago)
Australian artist Ron Mueck explores both mortality (transience of life) and eternality (sense of permanence) with this series of large-scale skulls — a biological structure that has become a near-universal symbol pervasive in art throughout most cultures and religions. See more images from “Mass” below or on display as part of the Triennial at the National … Continued

Editor Pick: Vladimír Vilimovský

(2 years ago)
Slick cyber punk-inspired character designs by illustrator Vladimír Vilimovský from Prague, Czech Republic. Discovered via our Submissions platform. Click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share with us! More images below.  

The Simplicity Cycle: Returning to Paring Down to Find Your True Needs

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta Simplifying your life isn’t a single project that you can finish and be done with — it’s actually a cycle. At least, that’s what I’ve found in my decade plus of simple living … I’ve downsized numerous times, in all areas of my life, and I keep finding myself coming back to […]