Inspiring archive for 2017-12-21

Cat Hair Cat Hats by Photographer Ryo Yamazaki

(3 years ago)
Photographer Ryo Yamazaki fashions a variety of amusing hats for his cats out of their own fur. See more images, including a brilliant homage to Princess Leia below!  

Editor Pick: Shin Noguchi

(3 years ago)
Wonderful work by Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi. Discovered via our Submissions platform, Noguchi’s keen attention to people going about their daily lives aims to show that extraordinary things are happening all around us, all the time. In Noguichi’s words: “I’m here, just here. You’re here, just here. There is something here, something beautiful something … Continued


(3 years ago)
What the future holds for you depends entirely on your capacity for love. And for that, you must have absolute and total confidence in what you are doing. Don’t let others say: ‘That road is better’ or ‘That route is easier’. The greatest gift God gave us is the power to make decisions. The adventure […]