Inspiring archive for 2018-01-05

“Moemoeā” by Photographer Brendan George Ko

(2 years ago)
A new body of work from photographer Brendan George Ko. Click here for previous posts. See more images from “Moemoeā” below or on display at The Contact Gallery in Toronto from January 11 – March 10.  

Editor Pick: Jen Uman

(2 years ago)
A series of pen drawings by artist Jen Uman from Southern California. Uman uses deceptively simple, monochromatic imagery to convey traces of her inner life, as well as delightfully familiar expressions and feelings we can all relate to. Discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick (click here to share your own … Continued

“The Good Room” by Artist Estée Preda

(2 years ago)
A selection of work from artist Estée Preda’s recent solo exhibition. “The Good Room” explores the sacredness of home, those special places where the most beautiful objects are cherished and rituals of remembrance take place. See more images below. Photo credit: Ariane Moisan.  

Paying the double price

(2 years ago)
A camel dealer reached a village to sell fine animals at a very good price. Everyone bought one, except Mr. Hoosep. Some time later, the village received a visit from another dealer, with excellent camels, but they were much more expensive. This time, Hoosep bought some animals. “You did not buy the camels when they […]

Editor Pick: Mladen Vracaric

(2 years ago)
Artist Mladen Vracaric’s surreal depictions of the natural world offer a stunning yet slightly unnerving meditation on the spectacle of art and its creation. As he describes: “I am trying to display a terrifying presence of something past all the animals who are solely the spectators in the vision of vegetation.” See more images from … Continued