Inspiring archive for 2018-01-17

Editor Pick: Julien Ducourthial aka The Jazzist

(3 years ago)
A delightful ongoing series by French illustrator and graphic designer Julien Ducourthial aka The Jazzist. Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. See of Ducourthial’s abstract work below.  

Artist Spotlight: Pepa Prieto

(3 years ago)
Another batch of abstract paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Pepa Prieto (previously featured here). See more images from Prieto’s latest exhibition, “Polarities” with Dean Monogenis, which was on display at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery just last month!  

“Stranger Things” by Photographer Max Slobodda

(3 years ago)
A surreal series by photographer Max Slobodda from Dortmund, Germany. “Stranger Things” explores the deconstruction of reality and stimulation of the human imagination with a collection of images that highlights our tendency to find logical explanations for what we perceive and experience. However, because so much of life defies our attempts to make sense of … Continued

80s Inspired Digital Collages by Artist Matt Cunningham aka Moon Patrol

(3 years ago)
Matt Cunningham (aka Moon Patrol) takes inspiration from 80s era cartoons, detective pulps,  retro horror and sci-fi to create a series of brilliant collages that are somehow both strangely familiar and utterly unique. See more images below.  

Editor Pick: Dan Des Eynon

(3 years ago)
Some lovely (and slightly odd) illustrations by UK-based artist Dan Des Eynon. Discovered via our Submissions platform and selected as an Editor Pick, click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share! See more “Bizarre Beastlies” below.