Inspiring archive for 2018-02-05

“Not So Still” by Artist Chris Thornock

(2 years ago)
A selection of paintings by artist Chris Thornock. Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here to submit your own work. Have a look at some more of Thornock’s work below.  

Editor Pick: Will Drayson

(2 years ago)
London-based illustrator Will Drayson combines his love of psychedelic art with his fascination in the healing power of plants. Discovered via our Submissions section and selected as an Editor Pick. Click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share! See more images below.  

Photographer Spotlight: Markus Shearer

(2 years ago)
Markus Shearer is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. His ongoing series titled “Lone Fir” documents his friendship with the 76 year old writer, Walt Curtis.                                                         Markus … Continued

Artist Spotlight: LEANS

(2 years ago)
A selection of work by Brisbane-based artist LEANS. See more images below.  

“8155” by Photographer Mark Sommerfeld

(2 years ago)
A poetic intersection of time and space by photographer Mark Sommerfeld. Juxtaposing two remote locations separated by 8,155 km yet inextricably linked by their connection to Scottish army officer and surveyor Colin Mackenzie. Born on the Isle of Lewis in 1754, Mackenzie became the first Surveyor General of India where he spent the last 38 … Continued