Inspiring archive for 2018-02-09

Artist Spotlight: James Nizam

(2 years ago)
Recent series by Vancouver-based artist James Nizam (previously featured here). When we asked him to describe the technique used here he said he “basically turned a camera into a 3 axis plotter that uses a combination of motorized movements with in-camera shutter sequences all in play with the axial rotation of the earth. Essentially extruding … Continued

Editor Pick: Pablo Gerardo Camacho

(2 years ago)
A visual ode to some of Venezuelan graphic designer Pablo Gerardo Camacho’s favourite things: the shape of cigarettes and snakes, lips, plants and as many eyes as possible. See more images below.  

“Birth, death and a midlife crisis” by Artist Alex Chinneck

(2 years ago)
British sculptor Alex Chinneck knots seemingly un-knottable things as part of his latest mind-bending project. Currently on display at the German Museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck in Stuttgart, “Birth, death and a midlife crisis” features an architectural intervention involving a vast knot placed in a 450-year-old column. Click here for previous posts of Chinneck’s work … Continued

Editor Pick: Sebastián Barrios

(2 years ago)
A series of plant-themed work, expressed through lines and subtle gradients of colour, by artist Sebastián Barrios. This project was submitted by Barrios and selected as an Editor Pick. See more images from “Plantasia” below and click here if you have work of your own you’d like to share!