Inspiring archive for 2018-02-23

Artist Spotlight: Bryce Wong

(2 years ago)
Recent artwork by Portland-based designer Bryce “The Sandman” Wong. See more images below.  

Editor Pick: Fabian Oefner

(2 years ago)
An ongoing project by Swiss artist and scientist Fabian Oefner. “The Explosion Collages” offer an examination of our perception of reality through a series of portrait photographs that appear in the midst of being torn apart by a gunshot. However, what appears to be a snapshot of an ephemeral moment, is actually a hyperrealistic illusion … Continued

“Far From The Tree” by Artist Katherine Fraser

(2 years ago)
New paintings by artist Katherine Fraser. Taking inspiration from fables, “Far From The Tree” explores what it means to control your own own destiny. See more images below or on display at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia starting tomorrow and running until April 21.  

Beautiful Practice Ground: The Secret to Training Your Mind

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta I’ve been diving deeper into training the mind when it meets difficulty, stress, the urge to procrastinate, anger, pain, uncertainty, discomfort. And here’s the secret I’ve learned: what most people take to be bad news is actually the good news. Let’s take the example of Greg … he wants to start meditating, […]