Inspiring archive for 2018-04-13

Photographer Spotlight: Arielle Bobb-Willis

(2 years ago)
A selection of work by New York City-based photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis. See more images below.  

Photographer Spotlight: Marley Hutchinson

(2 years ago)
Lovely work from Vancouver-based artist and photographer Marley Hutchinson. See more images below. Each week our members publish work on our Submissions platform and we highlight the best of these submissions as Editors’ Picks. Learn more about becoming a member.  

“Driving” by Photographer Jarod Luebbert

(2 years ago)
New images from San Francisco-based photographer Jarod Luebbert (previously featured here). Taken while working on two long-term projects, both of which involved a lot of driving, see more from Luebbert’s travels below.  

Lessons I learned

(2 years ago)
By Ozzy Etomi One of the stunning books that changed my life is “Manuscript Found In Accra” by Paul Coehlo. It was recommended to me by an awesome friend, and every now and again, I read my highlighted excerpts to refresh my mind on these amazing life lessons. I, like many others, fell in love […]

Grand Canyon Focus: The Practice of Full Devotion to a Single Task

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta There is a coffee shop here in Tokyo (where I’m visiting this week), Bear Pond Espresso, that has been called the best coffee shop in the world. The owner and barista, Katsu Tanaka, is a master of his craft. Tanaka-san only serves his world-famous espresso for two hours a day. When asked why, […]