Inspiring archive for 2018-04-18

Mental Resiliency: Letting Go of the Guilt of Not Getting Things Done

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta It happens to all of us: we don’t get done what we hoped to get done, then we feel stressed or guilty about it. It’s time to let that go, because it’s not helping us. We can build resiliency around this, with a little mental training. And it will help us in […]

Photographer Spotlight: Andrew Waits

(2 years ago)
Oakland-based photographer Andrew Waits explores the environmental and psychological effects of rapid urbanization in his current series, “Aporia.” As he shared with us: “Drawing upon psychogeography and themes of science fiction, I translate my urban wanderings through photographs to present a fictional world driven solely by upheaval.” See more images below.  

Artist Spotlight: Mark Ollinger

(2 years ago)
A selection of recent work from Calgary-born, Vancouver-based artist Mark Ollinger, who you might remember from his graffiti-esque sculptural interventions (previously featured here). His latest offerings can be best understood as elaborate meditations on time and effort to create an abstract visualization of a human lifespan. Mirroring the complex position and experiences we constantly navigate … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Naomi White

(2 years ago)
A lovely collection of highly detailed and evocative paintings by artist Naomi White. As she describes the tactility of her work: “We don’t necessarily need to touch the Australian landscape to be moved by it. Our eyes register colour, tonality and movement, translating them to the feeling of texture in our minds, based on real … Continued