Inspiring archive for 2018-04-27

Hyperrealistic Glass Sulptures by Artist Dylan Martinez

(2 years ago)
A series of mesmerizing glass sculptures by Minnesota-born, Washington-based artist Dylan Martinez. Created using a combination of sculpting and glassblowing techniques for the solid glass “water” and surrounding glass bubble or “bag,” Martinez’s incredible attention to detail purposefully plays with viewers’ ability to distinguish between reality and illusion. See more images below or on display … Continued

Illustrator Spotlight: Karl-Joel Larsson

(2 years ago)
A selection of work by illustrator Karl-Joel Larsson from Gothenburg, Sweden. Focusing mainly on people, plants and interiors, Larsson overarching goal is inclusivity. As he shared with us: “I aim to draw images which a lot of people can relate to. Therefore when illustrating people I strive to do it in a way that does … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Gwen O’Neil

(2 years ago)
Gwen O’Neil is a photographer based in Los Angeles. Focusing on light and color, Gwen abstracts her surroundings to create ethereal imagery that romanticizes memories.