Inspiring archive for 2018-05-10

“Dirty Diesel & Dusty Deeds” by Artist Paul White

(2 years ago)
Snapshot style drawings of the Australian outback by artist Paul White (previously featured here). While rendered picturesque, the series confronts viewers with the devastating effects of human intervention on the land. See more images below or on display at Mayspace Gallery in Sydney May 16 – June 2.  

Photographer Spotlight: Meagan Connolly

(2 years ago)
Meagan Connolly is an artist and archivist based in New York City, NY. ‘Afterthought’ is a collection of photographs taken between the years 2015-2018 primarily in the Northeast United States.  

Photographer Spotlight: Amanda Leigh Smith

(2 years ago)
Amanda Leigh Smith is a photographer from Cypress, Texas working in Portland, Oregon. Smith’s inspirations and work are diverse, ranging from editorial and travel documentary projects, to portraiture, lifestyle and fashion commissions. Her work has taken her across the USA, South America, Canada and the Middle East.