Inspiring archive for 2018-05-15

Illustrator Spotlight: Sonnie Kozlover

(2 years ago)
A series of labels for a fictitious beer brand by Brooklyn-based illustrator Sonnie Kozlover. Inspired by creative alcohol branding, Kozlover imagines a world where label and packaging design features nuanced and sensitive characters that can convey not just a sense of humour but a range of moods from can to can. See more Sonnie’s designs … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Adele Zubrzycka

(2 years ago)
A selection of work by Sydney, Australia-based photographer Adele Zubrzycka (previously featured here). See more images below.  

Two Simple Habits of Non-Procrastinators (Plus One Bonus Habit)

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta It’s pretty rare to find people who (almost) never procrastinate — in my experience, 95-99% of people procrastinate, at least part of each day. If not most of the day! That’s not a judgment — I procrastinate too. It’s about understanding our habitual reactions to stress, uncertainty, difficult tasks, being overwhelmed, distractions […]