Inspiring archive for 2018-05-22

“Borderless” by Photographer Yishu Wang

(2 years ago)
New work from Zhejiang/Shanghai-based photographer Yishu Wang. Based on observations from Wang’s own life as well as some of his travels, the series attempts to demonstrate that the world is far less defined and much more flexible than we might think. See more images from “Borderless” below.  

Artist Spotlight: Phuong Nguyen aka Jacquell

(2 years ago)
Captivating watercolours by Saigon-born, Bologna-based artist Phuong Nguyen (aka Jacquell). Aiming to capture moments of fleeting and undisclosed feelings, Nguyen’s paintings often involve figures of women suspended against a dark background alongside various natural elements emblematic of femininity in art and literature. While simultaneously jarring and whimsical, her work is ultimately about balance and harmony. … Continued