Inspiring archive for 2018-05-24

Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Selby

(2 years ago)
Paintings by artist Elizabeth Selby, currently based in Colorado Springs. Working predominantly in female portraiture, Selby’s work is both deeply personal and concerned with the very idea of self. Most recently, Selby has seen how an ancient personality chart, the enneagram, has changed the way those around her see themselves and the world around them. … Continued

Finding Stillness: Resting at Home in the Middle of Chaos

(2 years ago)
By Leo Babauta There’s a part of us that wants to find peace from all the chaos in our lives, all the busyness and distractions and complication and stress and overwhelmingness of it all. We want to get away from it all, or get control of everything and create order out of the mess. We […]

“Figures of Color” by Photographer Marcus Maddox

(2 years ago)
Lovely work by photographer Marcus Maddox from Nashville, Tennessee. Created with the help of production and floral designer Rachel Wayne as well as stylists Christine Tran Schumanna and Elliott Weaver, Maddox’s ongoing series utilizes subtle colour contrasts to highlight the significance and beauty of diversity. While Maddox’s figures may not don much colour themselves, as … Continued