Inspiring archive for 2018-06-04

“Hanging Valley” by Artist David Rice

(2 years ago)
New Paintings by Aspen-born, Portland-based artist David Rice (previously featured here). Combining his skill as a realist painter with his tendency to push the boundaries of the physical world, Rice’s latest offerings explore a series of juxtapositions that encourage the forging of new relationships and associations between elements both familiar and fantastical. See more images … Continued

“Everyday” by Designer Dylan Mason

(2 years ago)
A series of collages by designer Dylan Mason from Calgary, Alberta. With the exception of one five year anniversary collage, each represents an entire year of daily selfies chopped up into strips and arranged into a single image from January 1st (starting on the left) to December 31st (the final strip to the right). As … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Pablo Gomez Burgio

(2 years ago)
A breathtaking series by photographer Pablo Gomez Burgio. Drawn to remote and inaccessible spots for as long as he can remember, The Pyrenees become his own personal playground. A mere two-hour drive from his home, Gomez Burgio explores the otherworldly landscapes where stones fold in on themselves and people look diminished. As he describes: “Its … Continued

Conscious attention

(2 years ago)
There is a meditation exercise which consists of adding – generally for ten minutes a day – the reasons for each of our actions. For example: “I now read this blog because I saw a link in Facebook or Twitter. I now think of such-and-such a person, because the subject I read about lead me […]