Inspiring archive for 2018-06-19

“Constellation Applebee’s” by Artist Stacey Rozich

(2 years ago)
A collection of new watercolour paintings from Seattle-born, Los Angeles-based artist Stacey Rozich (previously featured here). Continuing to build her own surrealistic mythology, Rozich’s behind-the-scenes vignettes are filled with a mix of lush detail, dream-like absurdity and pop culture references. See more images below or on display at Showboat Gallery until July 14.  

“WALK_” by Photographer Derek Beck

(2 years ago)
If you follow the video content we post over at Booooooom TV you may recall this delightful audiovisual series by New York City-based creative Derek Beck. Centred around the simple concept of shooting an entire roll of film during a walk through a single neighbourhood, Beck’s “Walk NYC” videos paired each image with the accompanying … Continued

Artist Spotlight: Al Mefer

(2 years ago)
A fantastic series capturing the “urbanism of the Milky Way” by artist and neuroscientist Al Mefer from Alicante, Spain. See more images from “Alien Architecture” below.  

“Fûdo” by Photographer Rose Moreno

(2 years ago)
Sky and earth meet in this beautiful series by Paris-based photographer Rose Moreno. Named after the phonetic Japanese word for “natural environment” where Fû (the sky, manners) defines Do (the earth). Exploring her personal connection to the sacred and eternal nature of our enivornment, Moreno states: “It’s my shelter, where I feel complete. My photographs … Continued