Inspiring archive for 2018-06-20

“Borders (The Magnetic Fields)” by Artist Miso

(2 years ago)
MISO aka Stanislava Pinchuk (previously featured here). “I felt really compelled to data map how the ground was being changed by the evacuation of the Calais ‘Jungle’, as it was happening. Migration in difficult circumstances has a huge personal resonance for me, and it felt really overwhelming to see migration directly affecting the actual landscape … Continued

“Eons” by Photographer Cody Cobb

(2 years ago)
More epic work from Louisiana-born, Seattle-based photographer Cody Cobb (previously featured here). Prone to wandering the American West alone, Cobb immerses himself in the seemingly untouched wilderness of his photos in order to captures the emotion of the land as much as the topography itself. See more images below or on display at Foster/White Gallery … Continued