Inspiring archive for 2018-06-23

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Mercadante

(2 years ago)
An imaginative ongoing series by Daniel Mercadante of filmmaking duo The Mercadantes (aka Daniel and his wife, Katina Mercadante). “Rainbow Roads” started as a colourful response to the naturally cold, blue hour photos Daniel had been taking the winter after the couple moved from California to a rural property in Connecticut. “I’m not sure where … Continued

Photographer Spotlight: Sam Parkes

(2 years ago)
A portrait of Hispanic America through the eyes of photographer Sam Parkes. Weaving his way through the high plateaus of central Mexico to the Southern tip of Tierra Del Fuego, Parkes attempts to capture something of the people shaped by enduring indigenous beliefs and traditions while indelibly marked by a history of colonization, economics-driven migrations, … Continued

Master, who was your master?

(2 years ago)
One of the great Sufi Masters, Junaid, was asked this when he was dying. His chief disciple came close to him and asked, ?Master, you are leaving us. One question has always been in our minds but we could never gather courage enough to ask you. Who was your Master? This has been a great […]